Well, how else do you explain the reality distortion field?

Every day thousands of Apple Fanboys are sacrificed to keep iTunes running…

The real reason Steve Jobs retired? He had to ascend to the Golden Throne to sustain the iCloud servers.

(He also powers the Applenomican – the psychic beacon that enables geolocation on all iPhones…)

Later: Oh wow. Bad timing on this post…

3 thoughts on “Well, how else do you explain the reality distortion field?”

  1. hahah! or perhaps like an Eldar Farseer slowly becoming part of the glassware in the Cave of Crystal Seers in the heart of a craftworld. Have you seen the new Apple Campus proposal? – Cave of Crystal Seers! 😉

  2. Your post was rather prophetic. The news came to me via a Macworld email onto my iPhone. Anything I could possibly express has already been said. RIP, Steve.

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