So there was just a new Apple ad on TV. One which grabbed my attention with an unmistakeable baseline…

My first reaction was “Holy crap! That’s Gigantic!! Awesome!”. My second reaction was “Uh… do Apple realise what that song is actually about…?”

If I may be allowed to be blunt, the song Gigantic by the Pixies is about a cock. A big black cock. A gigantic black cock.

I don’t know if that’s meant to be a hint about some kind new Apple product, but if it is, I don’t think I’ll be buying.

Good ad though.

R.I.P Steve

Well Done.

Well, my flippant comments comparing Steve Jobs to the Immortal God Emperor of Mankind yesterday turned out to be rather ill timed. John Allison vs Michael Jackson ill timed.

Really, we all knew that it was coming, but it’s still a damned shame. I hope at least he heard that Microsoft has finally given up on the Zune before he went.

Well done Steve. We’ll miss you.

Well, how else do you explain the reality distortion field?

Every day thousands of Apple Fanboys are sacrificed to keep iTunes running…

The real reason Steve Jobs retired? He had to ascend to the Golden Throne to sustain the iCloud servers.

(He also powers the Applenomican – the psychic beacon that enables geolocation on all iPhones…)

Later: Oh wow. Bad timing on this post…

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