Beware the Judderman my Dear!


Well it’s been a while between entries. I have no real excuse for this, apart from living a rather boring life at present, which has not seen fit to supply much to write about. The miasmatic cloud of apathy and indifference (fueled no doubt by my abrupt change to a low fat diet in a pathetic attempt to get myself into shape) that has settled around me over the last few weeks has done nothing to help. However I have finally managed to drag myself away from the TV and dreams of deep fried snack food and gathered up a few unconsidered trifles to blather on about.

The first order of business is to state that GNP Crescendo are not fanatical anti-Stargate terrorists. My two free CDs arrived as promised last week. They had the bad fortune to be posted on September 10th, and we all know what happened to the US mail system 24 hours later. However they are here now, and as promised I shall now recant totally all my cynical speculation and praise GNP with great praise.

Cuio i Ungwe N

Development Status Report II


Nothing much to report except I upgraded to Netscape 6 the other day, and will be making a number of minor updates to the site to get it looking right. What fool at Netscape decided to stop span tags from working properly? That’s what I want to know!

But there are some more serious issues particularly to do with table layouts. So that’s what I’ll be up to this weekend. Oh joy! đŸ™‚

PS: Oh yeah, “Starlight” by the Superman Lovers is without a doubt the best video clip of 2001 so far. That Mexican Skeleton is great!

The 2001 ARIAS

Aria blather

Well Channel Nine didn’t completely balls up the ARIAs last night, although they came close. Great idea limiting it to industry professionals guys. At least when you’ve got a seething horde of demented fans filling out the seats you can count on someone laughing at the incredibly lame pre-scripted jokes that plague these events. And what was with the titles during the red carpet interviews? I had no idea Powderfinger was just one unshaven guy in a hat.

Of course they had a bit of an uphill battle to start with, what with the Living End and Avalanches pulling out of their performances (both because of leg injuries, how about that?). The Superjesus gave a decent performance, but Powderfinger and his associates were distinctly lackluster. Was it just me or were Tidas (on backing vocals) incredibly flat during that particular performance? At least their albums sound OK anyway.

Unlike Tina Arena. Probably the most obvious sign of the awards being on Nine this year was that she got to perform her new single. Like we didn’t see that coming. And Natalie Imbruglia got to sing as well. Ack.

As usual with the ARIAs my faith in the Australian music purchasing public has been blown to hell. Scandal’Us had the highest selling Australian single last year?!? Scandal’Us?!? Oh please shoot me now. Or at least put me into hibernation until the manufactured group fad dies off. Say around 2043 maybe. When the robots have taken over.

On the up side I’m happy to see that the Avalanches got some awards, although the unshaven behatted one seems to have gone against expectations and beaten them to most of them. Stella One Eleven missed out on Best Independent release, but you can’t have everything. Little Nikki Webster also went home empty handed (OK, I don’t know that for sure, I’m writing this only one hour into the show, but she’s already missed out on one and I can live in hope, or at least denial), which is good to see. And Slim finally got Best Country Album. So not a total wash out.

Best Male Artist – Nick Cave. Cool. Best Female Artist – Kylie. Well I liked Impossible Princess so I’ll let that slide. Best International Artist – Craig David. What? Best Group and Album of the Year – Powderfinger. Talk about a busy guy, no wonder he’s got no time to shave.

Bloodsucking Banks

Camarilla test and Bank stuff

Well, it’s the Queen’s birthday long weekend and I’ve put my day off to good (or at least semi-good) use by making an addition to the website. No, don’t get excited, nothing amazingly fantastic like a new Tale, just a rather stupid javascript test thingie based around White Wolf‘s Vampire: The Masquerade role playing game. You can find it in the Ephemera section of the Junk Files. It’s amazing what I’ll do when I’m bored eh?

I’ve also put the first nail in the coffin (to keep with the vampiric theme) of my association with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia by opening an account with our local independant bank. This is partially in protest against the Commonwealth’s ridiculous fees, impersonal attitude and closing of their local branch (which means I now have to travel a good six kilometres to do any on-site banking as opposed to just one, which may not seem much but I don’t drive) and partially because my new account will give me a fee-free VISA debit card, allowing me unparalelled online spending power!

Until I run out of money that is.

So, as soon as my VISA application is accepted (which I imagine it will be, having stayed very much under the credit radar for the whole of my life to date) I’ll be switching my direct debit contributions over to the new bank, emptying my Commonwealth account, and aiming a hearty raspberry at the Executives behind that hulking financial monolith. Charge me for having less than $500 in my account will you? Nyaaa!!!

Then I’ll blow all my money buying DVDs on eBay and starve to death. Ho hum.

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