Beware the Judderman my Dear!


Well it’s been a while between entries. I have no real excuse for this, apart from living a rather boring life at present, which has not seen fit to supply much to write about. The miasmatic cloud of apathy and indifference (fueled no doubt by my abrupt change to a low fat diet in a pathetic attempt to get myself into shape) that has settled around me over the last few weeks has done nothing to help. However I have finally managed to drag myself away from the TV and dreams of deep fried snack food and gathered up a few unconsidered trifles to blather on about.

The first order of business is to state that GNP Crescendo are not fanatical anti-Stargate terrorists. My two free CDs arrived as promised last week. They had the bad fortune to be posted on September 10th, and we all know what happened to the US mail system 24 hours later. However they are here now, and as promised I shall now recant totally all my cynical speculation and praise GNP with great praise.

Cuio i Ungwe N

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