Foolish Ideas – The continuing series

Doctor House meets Mocky

Rewrite the lyrics of Mickey Mouse M**********rs by Mocky to be about Doctor House

It’s the G-R-E to the G-R-Y, H-O-U-S-E,
And if you try to f*** with us then that’s what you shall be,
I’m Doctor House m***********s,
I’ll make you bounce m***********s,
I’ll Doctor House you,
(It’s kind of sad, but I’m turning into Doctor House)
Can’t even see you no more,
Medically I’ll take you to the hospital and give you epinephrine,
Take your blood and dose you with a shot of pseudoephedrine,

…and so on.

(Yes, I’m fully aware that’s not how you spell ‘Gregory’. Deal with it 🙂

The Human Condition

It’s a sad, tired world spinning around a dying star.

Watching the footage of the attacks in Mumbai on the news last night I was struck with a vision of the view from Colonial One in the Battlestar Galactica episode Exodus Part 2, where the resistance fighters start setting off bombs all over the city.

We all cheered that scene. Our guys were finally fighting back against the Cylons, and salvation (in the form of Adama and the Galactica) was on its way. Take that you evil minded toasters!

The thought that people all over the world are looking at the Mumbai footage and having the same reaction – cheering and thinking “take that you evil minded [insert whatever term you like]” – says something truly awful about the human condition.

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