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Recently an employee at Rebecca’s work bought a bankrupt Ugandan publishing company on Ebay. I think that this would be a truly fantastic thing to own, as it would act as the ultimate conversational aid. For example…

“Hi, nice to meet you. So, what do you do?”
“I own a bankrupt Ugandan publishing company.”

“Have you finished that report yet?”
“Sorry, I’ve been busy. I own a bankrupt Ugandan publishing company you know.”

“Sir, would you care to explain why you were doing 120 in a school zone?”
“I own a bankrupt Ugandan publishing company officer!”

“How does the defendant plead?”
“Your Honour, I own a bankrupt Ugandan publishing company!”

“I made $10,000 on the stock market last week!”
“Well I own a bankrupt Ugandan publishing company!”

It’s the non-sequitur of a thousand and one uses!

We need more of this on our TVs

C’mon! You just know it’d be a hit! The perfect way to revive the somewhat tired Survivor franchis…

Survivor Skaro - Outwit, Outplay, EXTERMINATE!!

C’mon! You just know it’d be a hit! The perfect way to revive the somewhat tired Survivor franchise…




Don’t tell me people wouldn’t watch that! 🙂

On a completely different note, for some reason we’re getting a live feed of Triple J here in Perth. It’s broadcast from the eastern states so usually we get it delayed by two hours – but around about midday today it went off air for about two minutes then came back live. So it’s 4:10 in the afternoon and I’m listening to Super Request (which is meant to start at 6:00). Until I figured out what was going on I thought I’d been abducted by the Zeta Reticulans 😉

It makes you wonder how they’ll fix it. I can’t see how without either going off air for two hours, or replaying two hours of broadcast.

10 – Beat head against table: 20 – Goto 10:

Cookies are delicious delicacies.

A client phoned up yesterday complaining that when he entered his url into Google (yeah, like that’s what you’re supposed to do with it, but anyway) one of the links returned said it was from his site, but it instead brought up “an add” saying he should buy “GTP Cookies”. He was of the opinion that it wasn’t right for us to use his website to sell “our products” and wanted us to stop doing it immediately and “fix his site”.

The page in question? This one.

Apparently the ability to…

  1. Read the text on the screen in front of you.
  2. Comprehend English.

…is no longer a requirement for running your own business.


PS: If you happen to be multi-lingual please take the time to click on the flags at the top of the Cookie page and view our ‘translations’ into other languages. They were done rather quickly via Babelfish and are hence rather amusing. The Portugese one in particular is supposed to be a riot (photoreceptor leather-strap anyone?) 🙂

Worry Worry

Let’s spread the paranoia around!

You know, I suspect there may be something wrong with my email.

I’ve actually suspected this for a while because… well before I say why I’d better explain why I haven’t said anything about it before which is basically because I’m terribly neurotic :). You see I’ve emailed a number of people, and not received any replies. Rather than say anything about this I’ve been sitting around trying to decide if…

  1. They’ve received my emails and have just been too busy to get around to writing a reply, which is perfectly reasonable.
  2. They’ve received my emails and have decided to ignore me :).
  3. They haven’t received my emails, and are sitting around wondering exactly the same things I’m wondering.

The problem is of course if it’s option a and I then write a follow up email saying “Did you get my last email? Why didn’t you reply? What’s wrong with you?!” I’ll be guilting people out who have perfectly legitimate reasons not have emailed me back – which I don’t want to do because sometimes it take me ages to reply and I would thus be making myself a hypocrite of the highest order. But on the other hand if it’s c they may well be sitting around wondering why I’ve decided to ignore them – which isn’t good either.

So I’m short circuiting the process (sort of) by putting my dilema in blog form. That way I know people will see it. If they come and read my blog that is. Hmmm.

Anyway I’ve got the next two weeks off from work so I should be blogging a bit more frequently, but before I go I’d just like to say that Attagirl by Bettie Serveert is a fantastic song, and you can download it all free and legal (along with Aluminum, Copper, Iron, and many others) from Playlist Mag’s downloads section. Go check it out, your ears demand it of you!

PS: The ABC seem to be randomly skipping Dr Who stories featuring the Daleks. With Day of the Daleks this was merely annoying – with Destiny of the Daleks it’s confusing, since there’s no explanation why the comparatively likable Mary Tam suddenly turned into the extremely annoying Lalla Ward. Mind you, at least they played Genesis of the Daleks (their new HQ in East Perth probably would have been stormed by irate Whovians if they hadn’t) and we do have K9’s unexplained voice change in The Creature from the Pit to distract us…

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