Salvo number 1!

This whole issue has been completely resolved, and I encourage everyone to go to and take Yvette’s test, and to go to my previous blog entry and read my full apology for some stupid things typed in the heat of the moment – August 24th 2004.

To: The Owner/Administrator of

I recently had the fortune to stumble over the Geek Test on In the process of filling it out I couldn’t help but notice that several of the questions were uncannily similar to those on my own Geek Test (URL). This similarity was only reinforced when I submitted the test and received not just a percentage rating, but a label based on that rating – in exactly the same fashion as my test.

On viewing the source of the page I discovered that the original javascript I wrote for the evaluation of my test is being used (with some modifications) to calculate the score. In addition to this the HTML of the rest of the page is also clearly copied from my test, including the 100%/80% nested tables, erroneous margin tags in the outer table, nonfunctional ‘title’ class and 80% HR tags around the title.

While I don’t mean to accuse anyone of plagiarism or theft, it is quite clear that your Geek Test is an edited copy of my Geek Test. As such I feel justified in pointing out that the source of my test contains a copyright statement, which – while it may not stand up under the Rio Protocol for instance – certainly asserts my right to be acknowledged as the author of the work.

I should make it clear here that I’m NOT going to ask you to take down or modify your test. I like your test, I like what you’ve done with it and I like it that something that I created has gone on to greater things. However I do feel somewhat cheated that no acknowledgment of my original work (or that of my friends who provided many of the questions copied to your test) is provided.

Instead I would politely request that a simple acknowledgment of the origins of the test be added to the test page (in small letters down the bottom is fine) with a link back to either my Geek Test (URL), the Tales of the Geek Underclass (URL), or my website (URL). Something along the lines of “Based on the original Geek Test by D.P.Wyrm” for instance.

I feel that this is a reasonable request under the circumstances. After all, how would you feel if someone copied your version of the test (or some other content) from your website to their own and posted it without any acknowledgment of its origin or the work you put in to create it?

In return I will happily place a link to your test and website from my test.

Please let me know your response.


Denys the Purple Wyrm


Please Note: This entry was made in the heat of the moment and contains a number of statements and assumptions that are just plain wrong. The “Guy” (who as it turns out is not a guy at all – there’s an assumption right there πŸ™‚ is actually a perfectly nice person who has addressed all the issues I raised despite the excessive raving and ranting below, and I would encourage everyone to visit her site and take her test. I’m leaving the entry as written for historical purposes, but would like to sincerely apologise to Yvette for any ill-feeling or upset caused by my tendancy to type out whatever comes into my head without actually thinking first. – August 24th 2004.


And the code for my test as well. I mean it’s just Javascript so it’s not like it took any great skill to write, but it’s still mine. And I might also point out that every ‘purity test’ style online test I’d ever seen up to the point when I wrote mine used overcomplicated CGI scripting to calculate the score – not Javascript, so in that respect my code is (or was) somewhat pioneering.

And on top of all that it’s just plain rude. This guy finds my test, thinks it’s neat, grabs the code (and a bunch of questions) and puts it up on his website as if he thought of the whole thing – without any acknowledgement or link to the original author. It’s (and I’m mad enough to swear here so those with delicate eyes look away) plain f***ing rude!

The ironic thing about this is if he asked permission, I would have given it to him, so long as he preserved a link to my test (like this for instance). And if his test ended up being bigger than mine (which it is) or better than mine (matter of opinion) I’d be happy, because something I created had gone on to greater things. But he’s just ripping off my work and pretending it’s his, which is plain not on.

He’s even got the nerve to stick a copyright statement on his site – “

The Eyes are the Windows of the Skull

I am so tired. We’re in the middle of another heatwave here in Perth (39 on Saturday, 40 yesterday, 41 today), meaning that I haven’t been doing a lot of sleeping lately. I think I got about four hours in last night, and the last hour or so wasn’t particularly restful consisting mainly of a prolonged nightmare.

What’s interesting is that on the rare occasions I have a nightmare it’s always the same one. Well it’s not exactly the same one, the details are usually completely different. But what remains the same is the overall theme.

Something, often multiple somethings, are attacking the city. Totally trashing it – and not in cheesy 50’s monster movie style either. We’re talking collapsing buildings, fires, massive death and carnage. It hasn’t reached where I am yet, and it might not – it’s all totally random. So what can I do?

I could stay where I am, but with a bunch of gigantic terrors crashing around – any one of which could make a sudden direction change – that would mean being a sitting duck. So it would make sense to flee, but with a bunch of gigantic terrors crashing around going out into the open is tantamount to suicide. There’s nowhere to go and nothing to do to be safe.

We (that is myself and whatever semi-anonymous dream people I happen to be with at the time) always decide to make a break for it. We get into a car – or on one occasion a train – and race off, hoping like hell that we’ll be lucky and escape the notice of whatever’s tearing the city apart. What makes this particularly scary is that the “somethings” (whatever they may be in this particular dream) are either truly gigantic or up in the sky, so we can actually see them going about their destruction. And they can see us. Our only chance of escape is if they fail to look in our direction for as long as it takes for us to get away. Which means an eternity – that particular type of eternity only found in nightmares – of sitting in the back of the car (it’s probably significant that I’m never the one driving) staring at the monsters and praying as hard as I can to be invisible – even though I know we won’t be.

Sometimes I wake up before we get away, sometimes I stay asleep until we reach safety. That’s the worst bit because no sooner do we think we’re OK and we’ve made it than one of the “somethings” rises up over the horizon heading our way. Is it after us? Who knows. The point is that we thought we were safe, we though we’d escaped, but we’re suddenly back to square one. There’s nowhere to run. There’s no escape.

To date the “somethings” have included tsunamis, tornadoes, crashing jumbo jets, demonically intelligent ogres, giant burrowing worms and Godzilla (hey, I don’t give you grief about your dreams :). Last night? I revisited the crashing jumbos but with a post September 11 theme of al Qaida terrorism. Dozens of hijacked planes of all sizes plunging out of the night sky without warning, engines screaming in a maelstrom of light, noise and exploding aviation fuel.

Not a lot of fun.

So yeah, I don’t know what that says about my screwed up psyche, but there you go πŸ™‚

It’s not so much the transient fear from the nightmare that I mind. I mean once you’re awake and realise it’s just a dream you get over that pretty quick. It’s the resulting sense of looming dread that follows me around all day every time I have it. The overpowering feeling that somewhere things are very very wrong. A good night’s sleep usually fixes me up, but given that it’s now 8:30pm and the temperature’s only just below 30 I somehow don’t think I’m going to get one πŸ™

Oh well, it’s going to be cooler tomorrow. Supposedly.

(PS: Just a note for any amateur Freud Dudes out there – I’ve been having this dream for years, since long before the aforementioned September 11. So there goes that theory eh? πŸ™‚

(PPS: Obviously what with it being 39 degrees I didn’t go and take photos of the old East Perth power station on Saturday. Next weekend. Probably.)

Chicks of Real Quality

I just walked home for the first day in several weeks and I had a busy weekend, so this is going to be a pretty short entry. But my busy weekend did result in an extension to Wyrmworld, so that’s got to be good. Well, hasn’t it…..?

Anyway I had Friday off work and went into town (I would have prefered to stay home and… well I dunno, slept, but I had to pay my rent). Once I’d handed over my hard earned cash *g* I decided to hike down to the Terrace to get some exercise and take pictures of a boarded up derelict office block I’d found down there (I felt like indulging my gothic side obviously). So I did.

That done I decided to catch a bus home rather than take the train, and since I was heading that way decided to take another look at the urban swamp across from the bus station. I’d noticed what appeared to be some kind of pedestrian walkway on the far side and wanted to check it out. So I took a stab at where the entrance should be and continued up the Terrace until I found it (right where I expected to by the way πŸ˜‰

So, I took a whole bunch of pictures there too, and caught a bus home.

On the way though I got thinking. I now had a whole bunch of pictures of two derelict sites in the CBD. And I had a bunch more of the derelict site next door. And the old East Perth power station is just down the road. Started to sound like a website to me…

So, here we go. Yet another gloomy website full of pictures of derelict building sites. SO what the world needs! πŸ™‚

I’ll probably get the Albany Bell Hatchery (Chicks of Real Quality!) up at some point over the next few weeks, and I’ll definately visit the power station this weekend. After that there’s the old Fremantle power station, the Leighton Railyards (if I can get there before they level them) and (if I can be bothered scanning a bunch of old photos) the railyards that were dug up for the east end of the Northbridge Tunnel. Wow, this is actually starting to sound like a decent website – how about that? πŸ™‚

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been up to. Oh, and meeting some long lost relatives from the UK but no one wants to hear about that πŸ™‚


Hmmm, another week gone by and I haven’t written anything. I suppose I’d better do something about that.

OK, so last Saturday was my birthday. The dinner at the Red Orchid was good, although Justin and Marika were a no-show (anyone really surprised?). Everyone seems to have had a good time, and the food was excellent. Even the service was passable for once which makes a change.

Things did take a slightly surreal turn when everyone decided to sing me happy birthday though. I hadn’t arranged a cake because – well it seems kind of weird to me to organise one’s own birthday cake (that’s probably symptomatic of living at home for so long or something :), and I always find the whole singing and blowing out candles thing an embarrassment anyway, so I was sort of hoping that with no cake to sing around everyone would just skip it. No such luck – they sang. Also since there were no candles to blow out I had to blow out an imaginary one stuck in the top of an empty champagne bottle. As if that wasn’t weird enough I then had to fake blowing out the imaginary candle since Andrew had failed to get a photograph the first time round. What the..?! πŸ™‚

Anyway afterwards Rebecca and Dom and I went and got gelatos and talked about Survivor Allstars before they dropped me home (they also gave me a lift there in the first place, which was nice of them :).

So, all in all a good night.

I had dinner with the parents and aunts the next night, which was good except it had got close to 40 earlier in the day and Mum insisted on us eating around the table in the (uninsulated) dining room rather than buffet style in the much cooler loungeroom. I had to keep getting up and fleeing into the relative cool of the lounge throughout the meal just to cope. Next year I think I might specify a buffet πŸ™‚

Anyway I suppose I’d better post a list of what loot I managed to score πŸ™‚

  • From Aunty Mary in England – Some Tupperware
  • From Rebecca and Dom – A large non-stick frying pan
  • From Katie – Some chocolates and a Lord of the Rings bookmark
  • From Ryan – A Games Workshop Sauron figurine
  • From Andrew and Travis – The first season of Futurama on DVD
  • From Mum and Dad – A Short History of Almost Everything by Bill Bryson
  • From Aunts Faye and Bev – A new vegetable steamer and non-stick pasta saucepan
  • From the Cousins – Some candy in a 50’s era Coke machine styled tin box

I think that’s about it – not bad considering πŸ™‚

Since then I’ve pretty much been taking it easy. Well, apart from being extremely nice to a woman in Sydney who needed last minute tickets to see Infected Mushroom on the Gold Coast for her son, and needed them like yesterday (managing the online sales for Earthcore is getting to be more trouble that it’s worth πŸ™‚

Well, I was taking it easy until yesterday when I went out and bought myself a number of things.

Firstly I got a new pair of boots as my old ones had developed a large split along the sole -which meant that I either had to but new ones or a whole load of black socks. This presented a slight problem as for years I’ve been buying my boots from the Discount Shoe Sale place in the city, down the back of King Kong Sales (yes, yes, that’s a very uncool place to buy anything from but you could usually find a good pair of boots there that would last two or three years and cost thirty dollars so nyaaaah!! :). Now – because of the Mandurah Railway project – that entire city block is going to be demolished, so everything (including King Kong and the Discount Shoe Sale) has been closed down (although there are a few die-hards living siege style in their stores until the Government pays them decent compensation – cool no?).

So I had to find somewhere else to buy shoes.

I also wanted to move into the 20th century (some years late, but what the heck) and buy a microwave – because I’m sick of surviving on sandwiches and pot-noodles when the mercury climbs above 36. I was looking at ones on sale at Myer because I had $25 of gift vouchers left over from Christmas (from the aforementioned Aunty Mary) – but then Rebecca pointed out that K-Mart were selling some at only $99 each. She also mentioned that they were pretty good for shoes, so I decided to head over to the Galleria and kill two birds with one stone. Oh – three actually because they have a Myer there and I decided to buy a CD.

I was tossing up between the Mountain Goats’ We shall all be Healed and the Darkness’ Permission to Land. I eventually decided on the latter since I really really want the former and am hence much more likely to spend my own money on it at some point (if I bought it with the vouchers then I probably wouldn’t get around to buying Permission to Land because while I wanted it I didn’t really want it enough to use $30 of my own hard earned cash to buy it – all clear? No? Good! πŸ™‚

(As it happened it was priced at $24.99, so that worked out well πŸ™‚

So, I am now the proud owner of a pair of ex-display boots (they’re exactly my size and only cost $30 – woot!), a 800 watt 20 litre microwave oven and a copy of Permission to Land. Each of which I shall deal with separately below.

The Boots: Um… well there’s not a lot to say about these. They’re leather, brown and have all sorts of funky looking metal studs and hooks and things all over them. I haven’t worn them yet – I’ll do that tomorrow – and I fully expect they’ll give me appalling blisters.

This isn’t anything to do with the shoes themselves, it’s to do with some very shoddy coding in my genome. Apparently whoever was responsible for writing my DNA skimped a bit on the feet, leaving me with foot ligaments too big for my foot bones. This means that whenever I try and use my feet – for instance to stand or maybe walk – rather than form into the classic arch shape, they splay out flat. This in turn means that the width to length ratio of my feet is much lower than normal and hence a shoe that fits me widthwise is way too big lengthwise, resulting in large amounts of forward-back shifting during walking and hence blistering.

Although it does mean people can stand on the toes of my shoes without me noticing πŸ™‚

(By the way don’t get me started on the DNA for my ears. Or my fat metabolism. Actually on any part of my genome. In fact when I consider all the problems with this body I strongly suspect that my DNA was compiled as an end of year project by an un-gifted first year who spent most of the semester drinking and going to frat parties rather than hitting the books. I’d give him a C-, but that’s purely because I haven’t died yet)

The Microwave: The microwave is cool. So far I’ve cooked two things in it. A microwaveable pasta dinner that I brought specifically to christen it with, and a toasted cheese sandwich. The pasta was great. The cheese sandwich on the other end had some problems – specifically that the only microwave safe container I had to put it in was a bowl, and I overcooked it somewhat. This resulted in the cheese bubbling up like crazy in all directions then setting in a kind of porous matrix in the shape of the bowl. It was completely edible and in fact quite tasty – it just happened to look like a component from the engine room of a Klingon Bird of Prey, that’s all πŸ™‚

Permission to Land by the Darkness: I wanted a copy of this because of the songs Black Shuck (which I carried on about in an earlier entry) and Growing on Me which – well has been growing on me frankly. So I bought it, and have listened to it twice. My opinion?

The Darkness are a truly horrible horrible band who perform absolutely appalling songs.

I should probably clarify that πŸ™‚

Yes, they’re a horrible band who sing truly awful songs – but the point is that they know this. And so they don’t bother to pretend that they’re anything else. They just dress up in spandex and fake leopard skin and camp it on stage like complete and utter glam-rock dorks – and have a fantastic time doing it. This attitude is captured perfectly in their songs – so although they’re really terrible (c’mon, when was the last time you heard anyone not just yell ‘Guitar!!’ but yell ‘Guitar!!’ and follow it up with a thirty second guitar solo? πŸ™‚ they’re having so much fun that it’s infectious. When Justin Hawkins hits the high notes you can’t help but break into a spontaneous grin at the sheer stupidity of it all, and before long you’re trying to join in, and having a great time (even though you’re failing miserably πŸ™‚

Or maybe that’s just me? πŸ˜‰

Anyway, as far as I’m concerned the Darkness Rock!!

Hmmm, I’ve got other stuff to write about – but I think I’ll leave it for later. Like next Sunday for instance πŸ™‚

Oh, but before I go as may have been noticed by some I’ve dropped the whole Intransigent DNA Influenced Cute Woman of the Week thing because I’m bored with it – and some weeks it’s a pain to have to find someone to nominate *g*. That said however I happened to catch the video clip for Stella One Eleven’s new single last week and the lead singer (Cindy Ryan is it?) looks so insanely cute that I just have to – well, say that she looks insanely cute in that particular video clip πŸ˜‰

Mind you at least some of the members of Stella One Eleven are gay. I don’t actually know which members but with my luck Cindy is one of them. Which is no doubt great for her, but somewhat depressing for me *g*. I don’t really know why that should actually be depressing – I mean assuming for a minute that she’s straight then my odds of actually a) meeting her and b) us hitting it off are virtually nil anyway – her theoretically not being straight really doesn’t affect them at all. But for some reason it’s still rather disheartening. Hmmm, probably some messed up male ego thing. Well how about that, I’m as screwed around as every other guy after all! ;-D


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