Chicks of Real Quality

I just walked home for the first day in several weeks and I had a busy weekend, so this is going to be a pretty short entry. But my busy weekend did result in an extension to Wyrmworld, so that’s got to be good. Well, hasn’t it…..?

Anyway I had Friday off work and went into town (I would have prefered to stay home and… well I dunno, slept, but I had to pay my rent). Once I’d handed over my hard earned cash *g* I decided to hike down to the Terrace to get some exercise and take pictures of a boarded up derelict office block I’d found down there (I felt like indulging my gothic side obviously). So I did.

That done I decided to catch a bus home rather than take the train, and since I was heading that way decided to take another look at the urban swamp across from the bus station. I’d noticed what appeared to be some kind of pedestrian walkway on the far side and wanted to check it out. So I took a stab at where the entrance should be and continued up the Terrace until I found it (right where I expected to by the way 😉

So, I took a whole bunch of pictures there too, and caught a bus home.

On the way though I got thinking. I now had a whole bunch of pictures of two derelict sites in the CBD. And I had a bunch more of the derelict site next door. And the old East Perth power station is just down the road. Started to sound like a website to me…

So, here we go. Yet another gloomy website full of pictures of derelict building sites. SO what the world needs! 🙂

I’ll probably get the Albany Bell Hatchery (Chicks of Real Quality!) up at some point over the next few weeks, and I’ll definately visit the power station this weekend. After that there’s the old Fremantle power station, the Leighton Railyards (if I can get there before they level them) and (if I can be bothered scanning a bunch of old photos) the railyards that were dug up for the east end of the Northbridge Tunnel. Wow, this is actually starting to sound like a decent website – how about that? 🙂

So yeah, that’s what I’ve been up to. Oh, and meeting some long lost relatives from the UK but no one wants to hear about that 🙂

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