Cunning, Flesh-Covered Androids

We have now entered the media blackout period for Saturday’s Federal election. Praise the lord for small mercies. If I had to watch another ad with Malcolm Turnbull droning …jobs. and. growth. jobs. and. growth… or Bill Shorten trying to convince us he’s not some sort of cunning, flesh-covered android I may well have gone spare.

It currently looks like the Libs will get back in, probably with a reduced minority. Not the ideal situation, but as long as they don’t get control of the Senate it won’t be a complete disaster. God alone knows what’s going to happen up there, what with the new Senate voting rules and the ever increasing numbers of insane micro-parties – let alone the fact that the double dissolution has put all the Senate seats up for grabs. Interesting times my friends, interesting times. Get your monkey paws ready.

I am currently in the last stages of preparation for my trip to the UK. Airbnb has decided that I am a human being rather than some sort of cunning, flesh-covered android which means I have organised some places to stay and will not have to sleep under a series of canal bridges. This, combined with getting enough stuff completed at work before I leave means I have not had time to do much else, hence the lack of updates.

I have started to develop the ability to recognise New Zealand postcodes. I’m not sure if this is for good or ill.

The Austrian Govmint’s Pleen Pickaging Loh Ex Spearmint

Oh, this is something special!

That could possibly be an Australian, if they had a smoking induced stroke.

You have to wonder, if Plain Packaging is such a failure then why is the tobacco industry spending millions of dollars funding lobby groups like the “Property Rights Alliance” to stop it?

An Open Letter to Vodafone

You know, when you say that your Subiaco store opens at 9:00am it would be nice for those of your customers who work for a living if it actually did open at 9:00am and not at 9:11am, by which point said customers have had to leave and catch a bus.

It would so be nice if your goddam website worked properly so your customers could do something as simple as updating their credit card details without having to go into one of your poxy storefronts in the first place.

Thank you.

Music Music Music Music (The fourth ‘Music’ is a typo)

I’m busy planning and stressing out about my upcoming Europe holiday, but in the meantime here’s a quick round up of the music that’s been “rocking my casbah” of late, as I believe all the cool young folks say nowadays.

First up, Grimes. I’ve already mentioned how obsessed I am with the scintillating Flesh Without Blood, but her follow ups are just as strong. Kill vs Maim is downright savage (You gave up being good when you declared a state of WAAAAAAAR!!) and get a load of the video version of California (which I think I actually prefer to the album version).

Secondly, Source by Fever the Ghost. The song is pretty good, but the real draw for me is the fantastic video clip, animated by Australia’s own Felix Colgrave. The dragon (named Long Morrison as it happens) and those two dancing… things…. are so cute!

And finally I was watching Rockwiz last night and when the “Million Dollar Riffs” section came up the band struck up a riff that absolutely paralyzed me. It was like when something reminds you of a dream that you’d forgotten, and it come slamming back into your brain with full force. It turned out to (of all things) be the intro to You Little Thief by Feargal Sharkey which is a song that I loved as a kid, but somehow completely forgot about. Not only is it a great song (a diss track about Maria McKee as it happens), but the video clip is daggily fantastic! I’m quite convinced that the KLF borrowed elements of it for Justified and Ancient and the Stadium House Trilogy.

Right, I’m off to do the washing up before it develops sentience and attacks me…

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