The Second Coming of the Napisan Man

There’s been a fair bit of to-do around the country lately concerning electricity costs. In most states they’ve jumped up, primarily because the power companies have been holding back on infrastructure related price rises until they could blame the new federal carbon tax – after all, why increase everyone’s bill by $75 a year and have no-one to divorce responsibility onto when you can increase them by $85 and say it’s all the fault of Ju-Liar Gillard and her evil compact with the Greens?

In any case, prices have risen and as a consequence the state government here in WA has been a running a series of ads in which an impossibly well groomed young family lecture the audience about all the things they’ve been doing to reduce their power bill. Most of these are common sense – turn appliances off standby, don’t leave the TV running if you’re not actually watching it, grow your marijuana in the backyard instead of under lights in your roof cavity, that sort of thing – but one of them left me absolutely gobsmacked.

The impossibly well groomed mother is loading clothes into the washing machine and turns to the camera saying “Instead of running three loads of washing a day, I wait till the end and just run one big load”…



What human being needs to do three loads of washing a day!? Someone who shares their home with incontinent farm animals? A family who rent their loungeroom out for Haliburton fracking operations? A cult who await the second coming of the Napisan Man? What kind of insanity is this?!

Now, I accept that a family, particularly a family with small children, will generate more dirty clothes than a single guy like myself, but I only need to do two loads of washing a week. A circumstance where I’d need to fire up the washing machine on a daily basis – let alone on a tri-daily basis – is to me like something out of a Chuck Palahniuk novel. Seriously, if you’re creating a full load of dirty clothes on a daily basis, and need them washed on a daily basis, you need to see some kind of endocrinologist (or possibly you need more clothes).

If everyone in western society is running their washing machine at these levels, it’s no wonder we’re running out of fresh water.

Your clothes will be fine in the washing basket for a few days people. Seriously.

Interesting Musical Facts: Number One

Did you know that Nick Cave and Enya collaborated on a cover of Don’t Fear the Reaper?


Well that’s good, because they didn’t, although enough people seem to think that Finnish goth band HIM sound enough like Nick Cave and Enya to misattribute their cover to them on file sharing networks. Here it is anyway…

Nick Cave? I can sort of hear it. Enya? Doesn’t sound anything like her!

Can’t say I’m a huge fan of HIM’s interpretation (not enough cowbell for a start), but each to their own.

(No doubt many HIM fans are now raging with fury that I dare to describe HIM as a “goth band”. No doubt many HIM fans think I actually care :D)

Not a Good Start

Went into work early today since I had lots to do, and a meeting at 10:00.

Walk out front door at 6:30. Five minutes later struck down with agonising stomach cramps. Stagger to train station, wait 12 minutes for train in various states of severe discomfort. Board train, can’t get seat. Stand at end of aisle, trying not to pass out and sweating like have malaria. Get off train at Perth station, stagger up to “City Place Rest Centre”, pay 50 cents for admission and spend next 15 minutes in toilet stall apparently expelling all major internal organs into bowl.

Stagger out to pharmacy to buy to Buscopan. Not open until 7:30. Go buy water at Trainstop Bakery. Slam finger in door of fridge. Endless agony and subungual hematoma. A distraction from bowels at least. Pharmacy finally opens, scoff down Buscopan like candy.

Get to work, only one in office. Mail server is down. Troubleshooting procedures fail. Phone call after phone call from disgruntled clients.

All things considered, decide to cancel my meeting.

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