Please Note: This entry was made in the heat of the moment and contains a number of statements and assumptions that are just plain wrong. The “Guy” (who as it turns out is not a guy at all – there’s an assumption right there 🙂 is actually a perfectly nice person who has addressed all the issues I raised despite the excessive raving and ranting below, and I would encourage everyone to visit her site and take her test. I’m leaving the entry as written for historical purposes, but would like to sincerely apologise to Yvette for any ill-feeling or upset caused by my tendancy to type out whatever comes into my head without actually thinking first. – August 24th 2004.


And the code for my test as well. I mean it’s just Javascript so it’s not like it took any great skill to write, but it’s still mine. And I might also point out that every ‘purity test’ style online test I’d ever seen up to the point when I wrote mine used overcomplicated CGI scripting to calculate the score – not Javascript, so in that respect my code is (or was) somewhat pioneering.

And on top of all that it’s just plain rude. This guy finds my test, thinks it’s neat, grabs the code (and a bunch of questions) and puts it up on his website as if he thought of the whole thing – without any acknowledgement or link to the original author. It’s (and I’m mad enough to swear here so those with delicate eyes look away) plain f***ing rude!

The ironic thing about this is if he asked permission, I would have given it to him, so long as he preserved a link to my test (like this for instance). And if his test ended up being bigger than mine (which it is) or better than mine (matter of opinion) I’d be happy, because something I created had gone on to greater things. But he’s just ripping off my work and pretending it’s his, which is plain not on.

He’s even got the nerve to stick a copyright statement on his site – “

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