CSS Blues

Fixed Surfarian

Once upon a time a company named Netscape released a web browser that sort of supported CSS standards. Then another company named Microsoft released a web browser that also sort of supported CSS standards, but in a different way. Then Denys the Purple Wyrm learnt basic HTML and built a web site that worked with the Netscape browser, and sort of worked with the Microsoft one. And all was well.

Then Netscape released a browser that really supported CSS (or at least moreso than version 4.7), Microsoft followed suit and Denys’s website fell to bits in a messy heap.

So I’m currently in the process of fixing up the horde of horrible CSS errors plaguing the site. I’m working section by section, so far the Junk Files and Guide to Surfarian (the worst offenders) have been fixed (with Netscape 6.1 at least) and the rest will follow suit. To speed this process up, please feel free to send me griping emails about any part of the site that looks horribly wrong in your browser. You never know, I might actually get around to fixing it.

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