You mean it’s not me gullet, it’s me noggin?

Well, did another sleep study last week while hooked up to a CPAP machine. Good news is the machine did a good job at keeping my airways open so I could breathe unobstructed. Bad news is I still stopped breathing, which means I have Central Sleep Apnea – which is where the brain periodically decides that this “breathing” thing is so last season, and it’s not going to do it any more. This isn’t completely disastrous, as the rest of the body soon notices and start slapping the brain around until it gets its act together, but it’s still not the kind of thing that’s conducive to restful sleep or cardiovascular health, so it has to be dealt with. With a different, much more expensive type of machine that I’m probably going to have to end up buying, or at least renting, damnit!

In any case, I don’t like to end on a down note. Here’s a song.

Oh, they’re apparently re-burying Richard III in Leicester. Good! Glad to hear it. Leicester’s a lovely city but it needs some more tourist attractions after the railway viaduct got pulled down, and that Liberty statue sure isn’t pulling in the big bucks.

3 thoughts on “You mean it’s not me gullet, it’s me noggin?”

  1. Ahhh, bummer about the apnea…Yeah the machine does its job ok, now if they could just find a way to make it do it without the side effects or being a giant pain in the ass.
    Interestingly, (i’ve been using it for about 10 years now). After a while i think it fools your body into doing the right thing. I only wear mine periodically (when my partner elbows me in the ribs in the middle of the night:)). I can have good nights and good next days without it for quite long periods and i’m not especially fit. So hang in there in spite of being a PIA it does the job…

    1. Thanks 🙂 At the moment I’m trying to get used to the machine trying to breath for me – apparently my breathing rate is slower that it expects, so it stops pumping air into my lungs halfway through an inhale, then panics and thinks I’ve stopped breathing halfway through an exhale. I think a call to the clinic is in order…

  2. Yeah, it took me and mine a while (and a couple of visits to the sleep tech) to come to terms with each other. Hope you can find a happy medium.

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