Faith, Cheese and Anime

The old black dog is biting a bit hard at the moment, hence the general lack of updates. But I thought I’d jump in and post this remarkable chart…

The Evolutionary Chart of Religion
The Evolutionary Chart of Religion

Click to enlarge and all.

You obviously can’t sum up the entire scope of human spirituality in one simple diagram, but it’s still a fascinating attempt.

From the sublime to the ridiculous, here’s a few things I promised Paula I’d link…

* Where’d the Cheese Go?
* Smoke Week Every Day

I’m so sorry…

Later: Oh! I also promised to link these stories from Hyperbole and a Half. No need to apologise for these, they’re great! 🙂

* Dogs don’t understand basic concepts like moving
* Wild Animal (The Simple Dog goes for a Joy Ride)

3 thoughts on “Faith, Cheese and Anime”

  1. You sang it and it sounded so much better. WHAT was I thinking? lol AND btw, no mention of what had to be the shortest game of Arkham Horror in history? I’m insulted. 🙂

      1. Actually we won. Got an Elder Sign to start with, used it to seal the woods, and kept getting gates trying to open there. Got a few Mythos cards that didn’t open any gates, then sealed the Black Cave and got a couple of gates try to open there as well. Yig was put back to sleep and Arkham was safe and sound before tiffin (and we have tiffin pretty damn early around here).

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