Melbourne Bound

For reasons I am not at liberty to discuss, I’ll be flying out on Thursday night to spend the weekend in Melbourne with my workmates. Oh hooray.

I should probably explain myself. Those who either know me, or read this blog regularly, will be well aware that I am an Aspie, and a severe introvert. I go to work, and do my job in order to have money to pay the bills, but when I walk out of the office doors on Friday afternoon I don’t want to have anything to do with the place until Monday morning. This isn’t because I dislike my job (any more than anyone does anyway) or my co-workers, but because being around people drains me, mentally and emotionally. The weekend is when I recharge by either spending time on my own, or by interacting with other people strictly on my own terms.

Spending the weekend in a hotel room with my colleagues – not to mention having to attend an industry event – is not going to provide the opportunity I need to recharge. By the end of the following week I shall most likely go somewhat mad, or at least become quite emotionally erratic. But hey, whatever.

On the plus side I shall have most Saturday free in Melbourne to do things with. I’m not sure exactly what at this point. The Royal Exhibition Building is a possibility and maybe the Queen Victoria Markets. I was also planning to buy a new coat as my old one is starting to look distinctly ratty, but the coat place I was looking at turns out to be run by Jews, so that’s no good.

(No – I haven’t turned into some lunatic racist. It’s simply that the coat place is closed on Saturdays for Shabbat.)

What else is there to do in Melbourne? Walk the route of the Grand Prix through Albert Park? Wander up and down Carlisle Street trying to spot John Safran? I dunno…

Anyway, that’s how I’m going to be spending next weekend. Whether I like it or not.

15 thoughts on “Melbourne Bound”

  1. I’d fly down to and say hi but I got Bek coming up this week to see ME!!!

    I won’t say have fun in Melbs but I will say enjoy your time in the city. Or come up and see me!. lol 😀

  2. Ahh…Mordicai, the coat man…excellent quality goods…BTW open on a Sunday :). Hmmm. they picked a bad weekend to be in Melbourne…UGH Grand final weekend when the bogans come together for their lovefest…UGH !

  3. Yeah, if the event was this weekend, I would have point blank refused to go.

    We’ll be flying out Sunday morning, so if I’m going to get my coat Friday will have to be it. We’re meant to be working remotely, but I may be able to slip out for a few hours.

        1. Awesome. I’m glad The Coat will still exist even if it is a new one. You may not realize it but you have a……presence when wearing that coat. It’s……rather appealing.

          1. Well as long as it keeps off the weather and conceals my hideous form from the judgmental eyes of passers-by, I’m happy 😉

  4. Since your looking at coats, can you keep your eye out for one that would be suitable for cosplaying Neo for me? There’s a chap.
    enjoy Melbs and don’t let the bastards drain to much of your your social mana!

  5. Assuming your going to the coatman in Glenhuntly…They’re on a tram line from the city, would take about an hour to get there. If tram routes needed e-mail me and i’ll provide…

    1. Yep, the Coatman is my goal. We’re actually staying in Saint Kilda, just down the street from a tram terminal, so I think I’ve got the transport aspect sorted. I think 🙂

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