Sir, have you no Latin?

It’s “Cuss-toe-dez” and “A-star-tez” thank you very much!

I was listening to a couple of 40k podcasts over the weekend (it’s kind of taken over my brain at the moment – don’t panic, it’ll burn itself out after a while), specifically 40k Radio and the Independent Characters. Both were very informative and entertaining and I’ll probably be adding them to my podcast-roll permanently – however there was just one little thing that got my teeth on edge…

Someone (I can’t ever remember which podcast they were on, let alone which of the participants) mentioned that they were considering building an Adeptus Custodes army. This is a fine idea and would look damned awesome on the table top, the problem was that they kept calling the Custodes “Cus-toads”. CUS-TOADS!!

Emperor on a Mobility-Scooter! What next? Calling the Space Marines “Ass-tarts”?

This is what happens when an entire nation takes perfectly serviceable words like “colour” and “realise” and spells them the way they’re actually pronounced! LINGUISTIC ANARCHY!!! 😉

3 thoughts on “Sir, have you no Latin?”

  1. Apart from the rare occasion when the Sisters of Battle are in town, I’m guessing they would have to get Adept at being Ass-tarts.

  2. Oh please – Space Marines have no time for that kind of thing. It’s training, praying and firearms practice 20 hours a day.

    Of course, some of the more liberal chapters allow 15 minutes of personal time a day (to contemplate one’s service to the Emperor), but most regard this as tempting heresy.

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