On second thoughts…

They’re the anchor of the Free Mantle Systems

Maybe my Valhallans were fighting the anchor of the Free Mantle Systems, the Freo Marines?

Freo! Name: Freo Marines
Founding Chapter: The WAFL Marines
Founding: Unknown
Chapter Master: Matheus Pavlach
Homeworld: Freo
Fortress-Monastery: The Dock
Battle Cry: Freo! Way to Go!


3 thoughts on “On second thoughts…”

  1. BTW, is that totally your own creation or did you use a blank marine template from somewhere for playing with colour schemes?

  2. Adding an anchor to the chest? I don’t think the word ‘Heresy’ is strong enough 😀

    All my horrible paint abominations have been created with Bolter and Chainsword’s execellent Space Marine Painter, which I totally meant to link to before.

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