On second thoughts…

They’re the anchor of the Free Mantle Systems

Maybe my Valhallans were fighting the anchor of the Free Mantle Systems, the Freo Marines?

Freo! Name: Freo Marines
Founding Chapter: The WAFL Marines
Founding: Unknown
Chapter Master: Matheus Pavlach
Homeworld: Freo
Fortress-Monastery: The Dock
Battle Cry: Freo! Way to Go!


Down at the Docks

Children are occasionally good for amusement I suppose

I was down at Fremantle this afternoon, and while wandering around the harbour noticed that Sea Shepherd’s Steve Irwin was in town. I was taking a photo when a family with a couple of small children wandered up behind me, and I heard the following exchange.

Small Child 1: Look! That’s Bindi’s Dad’s boat!
Small Child 2 (excited): Is he on it?
Small Child 1 (with relish): No! He’s dead!

Ah kids!

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