It’s actually a Dragon, just don’t tell the City that…

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It’s been stupidly hot for the last few days. Christmas day was the hottest since 1968 (41°), and Boxing day was the hottest December day since records began (44°). It’s a bit cooler today, but the humidity is brutal – so I’m not really in the mood to write about Christmas apart from that I had a very enjoyable breakfast of fruit, nuts and croissants at Rebecca and Dom’s, and a full Christmas lunch over at the Aunts’.

I figured instead I’d talk about the Great Gryffin of London.

Its eye is at Battersea Power Station, and its snout at Victoria station. One paw lies over Buckingham Palace, and the other the British Museum. Its heart is at Waterloo and its chest on the Victoria Embankment. Its wings spring from the Elephant and Castle and the Imperial War Museum, stretching to Clapham North and Herne Hill. Its feet lie at Bethnal Green and Stepney, and its knees at Shoreditch. Its rump sits neatly at Bricklayers Arms, and its tail stretches down the Thames to Greenland Dock.

See if you can spot it next time you’re in London:)

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