Take heed – ’cause I’m a Taurine Poet

Check out the bull while the DJ revolves it

I got into work today (it was meant to be my day off but we’ve got so much to do before the Christmas break that I went in) and discovered – much to my annoyance – that someone had stolen my Red Bull!

(I keep a sugar free Red Bull in the office fridge, each morning I drink it and replace it with another one.)

Now some people might stick a note on their new can of Red Bull – something along the lines of “Hands off you thieving Micromine bastards!”. But why be crude when you can interesting? So my new can of Red Bull is now adorned with the following epigram…

Extra hours each week I pull,
So cursed be he who takes my Bull,

(OK it’s not a very good epigram, but it should get the message across 🙂

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