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Well, it’s been a while hasn’t it? I just haven’t really been in the mood for writing lately – too much on at work, figuring out what to get people for Christmas, that kind of thing. I have been doing stuff, I just haven’t been very motivated to write about it.

Let’s see if I can throw together some edited highlights. Had a Thanksgiving dinner with the parents’ next door neighbours (they’re Americans, they didn’t just decide to celebrate Thanksgiving for the hell of it :). It was most enjoyable – much to my surprise pumpkin pie is actually fairly delicious – although I was slightly disappointed that we didn’t go around the table saying what we were thankful for. Television has lied to me once again!

I’ve been up to Fabian’s place a few times and done some workouts on the $8000 or so home gym he’s invested in. Let me tell you, he’s a pretty hard taskmaster when he gets into personal trainer mode. His mantra is “failure is success”, meaning that you keep working until your muscles completely fail and you have to curl up in a sobbing ball in the corner for a few hours. I’m thinking of making up a 1984 style poster for his wall FABIAN’S GYM: “War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength; Failure is Success.” 😀

I was actually up there again last weekend for another session of the Wild Southwest game I’m running (it’s only been, oh, three years or so since the last one). It didn’t go as well as I planned because I’m so horribly out of practice at GM-ing, but everyone seemed to have a good time, which is the main thing. I’m hoping to run the next session in the new year – that one should go a bit smoother now I’m back in the saddle.

We actually played until about 11:00 at night, which takes me back to the AD&D games we played in high school. We’d play until 2:00am, collapse wherever seemed convenient, get up at 8:00 and keep playing. I’m obviously getting old, because this time around I was a complete wreck the next day 🙂

The new Government is yet to do anything really annoying, and has actually some some things I really approve of (signing Kyoto for instance). This puts me in a kind of weird place – for the last 11 years being angry with the Government has been  part and parcel of my daily existence. I mean, they’re sending the Navy out to chase the Japanese whaling fleet for crying out loud! How can I possibly get all mad and righteous about that!? Sooner or later they’d better stuff up, or I’ll have to find another hobby.

I’ve caught up with Rebecca and Dom a few times, young Jakob seems to be doing well and is actually sleeping now, so they’re getting some decent rest (well, decent for new parents anyway). I’ll be going over to their place for breakfast on Christmas day, I’ll have to check the exact time they want me to show up I suppose.

In health news I managed to contract food poisoning from an extremely dodgy chicken wrap I bought from the supermarket over the road from work. I’ve been buying food there for almost seven years now with no problems so I decided not to dob them in to the authorities over just one case of almost killing me. I’m not eating their chicken again though.

Well, that’s probably enough to be going on with for now. Hopefully forcing myself to write this will get me back into the blogging habit. Hopefully 🙂

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