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A sad attempt at channeling Building Blog

I can’t off the top of my head find the name or details, but apparently someone’s released a two terabyte external hard drive with built in wireless networking capability. This means that you can access it through your wireless network (or even remotely over the net) even when your PC is turned off. Which gives me a wacky idea…

So you’re building a house. You buy one of these units, load it with two terrabytes of music, movies and other content, and seal it up inside one of the walls, hooked up to mains power. You finish the build and sell the place to some complete luddite who’s never going to turn on a computer, let alone own one.

Time passes. Eight years later the luddite sells the house to someone fairly tech savvy. Their first order of business is to set up their wireless network. They get everything plugged in and working, then notice an extra device…

You can tell I’ve been reading Building Blog can’t you? 😀

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