The Power of the Internets

What you can achieve when you have the internet and nothing sensible to do with your time.

I woke up this morning with a song in my head which I haven’t heard in years. I thought to myself “You know, I think I’ve got that in iTunes somewhere”, so I hopped on to the computer and dug it up. After listening to it (and quite enjoying it) I thought “I wonder how all the lyrics go?”. So I jumped onto Google and tracked them down. After reading them through I realised that the song – which I’d always presumed was about a girl who’d been dumped but never got over it – could actually be about a girl who’s guy went off to fight in World War II and never came back. A moment’s musing suggested that the video clip might settle it one way or the other. So I went over to YouTube and found the video. Sure enough, the clip confirmed my theory (although on a less positive note it also made me realise that my idea of what’s attractive in womens’ fashion is firmly grounded in the early 90’s).

I achieved all this in under fifteen minutes, and before breakfast. What an age we live in! 🙂

(Extra points to anyone who can figure out what song I’m talking about from the clues above ;))

So as planned I went out to dinner with Rebecca and Dom last night. We dined at Sen5es restaurant at the Novotel, which as it happened was hosting a high school formal. This was good because it meant we had free entertainment, watching all the fancy cars pull up and disgorge gussied-up and over-excited teenagers. We were able to make a number of observations…

  1. If you decide to have a ‘Masquerade’ theme for your school formal, make sure the student body understand that this involves masks – otherwise only the staff and nerdier students will turn up with them.
  2. It is apparently ‘cool’ nowdays to bring your younger siblings to the school formal – as long as they bear an uncanny resemblence to you, Mini-Me style.
  3. Anyone wearing a top hat to the school formal is an Emo, whereas anyone wearing a top hat and carrying a cane is a Goth.

So we had entertainment while we eat. We also had miniature teacups full of leek and potato soup that we didn’t actually order – they didn’t seem to bill us for them though, so that’s OK.

So how was the food (apart from the soup, which was quite nice)? Well, that depends. Rebecca and I had the penne pasta with mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach, which was extremely tasty and so filling neither of us could finish. Dom on the other hand had the special chicken dish of the day, which in his own words consisted of “gristly chicken, overcooked potatoes and completely inedible mushrooms”.

Now, Dom is hardly the kind of person to sit in a restaurant curling his lip and sneering that the pâté foie gras should be at room temperature and the wine list is no better than you’d expect – so for him to come out against a meal so harshly it must have been pretty awful. As such Sen5es is now off our list of places to dine at – even when it’s running a $25 special.

After dinner we took the secret Catholic shortcut down to McIver railway station and got the train back to our respective domiciles. Much to my disgust my place was still like a furnace – although it did cool down by the early hours of the morning, so I was able to get some sleep eventually.

OK, that’s it. Entertain yourselves now! 🙂

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