The Chihuahua Dog Domain Fiasco

Well whadayaknow – Wyrmworld *may* actually survive the Register Fly meltdown.

Well, I managed to survive the heat (just) and am looking forwards to some decent sleep for the first time since Sunday night. Assuming that my unit manages to cool down today and isn’t doing the rather good furnance impression it’s been doing for the last few days. It’ll have some extra time to cool as I’m meeting Rebecca and Dom in town for dinner after work – we’re going to take advantage of some kind of Wine and Food Month promotional thing to get cheap meals at a classy hotel (I’d say which one except I don’t want my oh so many fans to turn up and cause a disturbance ;D)

In other good news I seem to have managed to transfer the Wyrmworld domain away from the (allegedly) evil hands of Kevin Medina – (allegedly) the guy who (allegedly) blew (allegedly) thousands of dollars of (alleged) Register Fly customers’ money on (alleged) escort services, (alleged) liposuction and (alleged) chihuahuas (allegedly). This is a major weight off my mind – I’d hate for my prized domain name to end up being legally owned by an accessory dog in Miami Florida. There may be a small period of outage while the transfer is taking place, but then everything should be hunky dory.

Nothing else really to say – my brain is too whacked from five days of sleep deprivation 🙂

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