They Killed Chloe! (You Bastards!)

On trashy paranormal soaps and being hunted by the Government.

Amazing isn’t it? You do something as simple as miss-set your VCR when going out on a date, and the producers of Smallville kill off your favourite character. Not just content with that, they also cut off Lionel Luther’s hair, give Lex some kind of deadly blood disease and turn Clark into a Kryptonian Fascist*Not to be confused with a crypto-fascist 😀. Then they recruit Margot Kidder to replace Christopher Reeve. Well, I guess that’s what happens when you manage to miss what was probably the 2004 season finale.

(Yes, I know Chloe almost certainly isn’t actually dead since her coffin is empty and – much more importantly – Alison Mack is still in the credits – but still)

The hot water situation continues. The flood had abated last night and the water was a little warmer so I was able to have a slightly-warmer-than-luke-warm-but-not-actually-warm shower. This morning it was back to luke warm and on leaving for work I discovered the flood was back, with ruptured pipes pumping out water at roughtly the speed of an emptying washing machine. Foolishly I decided to wade through the deluge and discovered that my shoes are not rated for depths of greater than 2 inches. My socks ended up completely soaked, so I’m probably now going to contract the ague and expire.

Actually expiration may be a smart idea, because the Government is after me. There was a curt little note in my letterbox last night from the Electoral Commision saying that they’d sent the boys around because there’s no one on the electoral roll for my unit (it’s one of those things I kept meaning to do after moving and then didn’t) but no one was home. It also said that they’d be coming back on Monday.

Now I know that the Government probably presumes that people not on the electroral roll are anarchists or terrorists or tax cheats or other enemies of democracy who spend all their time building bombs and watching daytime TV, but some of us*That is to say those of us not on the electoral roll – in the current climate a grammatical ambiguity like that could end you up in Gitmo. do actually support the economy by working, and hence cannot be expected to be at home on a weekday afternoon. Perhaps they might want to consider sending their witch hunters around on Saturday mornings in future? It’s a well know fact that terrorists enjoy a good sleep in on the weekend after all.

In any case I’ve got the forms all filled out and will be posting them off today for delivery on Monday morning. I just hope the communications down at the Bureau for Un-Australian Activities are efficient enough to get word to their goons before they smash down my door, seize my computer and interrogate my furniture.

(I’d better hide the ammo cases and fertiliser bags just in case though… 🙂

PS: I actually do have some ammo cases – they’re good for storage. I’d probably better hide them 🙂

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