Good Stuff – Bad Stuff

A round up of the positives and negatives of the last week

Subject – Bad Things:

The signals system on the Midland line broke down yesterday while I was on my way to work, meaning my train sat at Claisbrook for a good twenty minutes. This completely negated my efforts to go in early and get some extra work done.

A pipe burst at the complex last night meaning no hot water from about 8:00pm onwards. Luke warm shower last night, no shower at all this morning and wading through two inches of water to get to work.

Too much work on for me to take my usual two week break over Easter, meaning I only get one week off and will probably go mad from stress before long.

Subject – Good Things:

Ryan dropped by with a completely FREE recordable DVD player last night. His dad (who operates a skip bin service) recovered about a dozen perfectly good ones thrown out by a supermarket chain. Free recordable DVD players for all!!

I now have a post office box and can thus order things online without having to send them to my parents’ place or have them stolen from my mailbox by the various indigent savages inhabiting the complex.

Really good second date watching movies at her place last Sunday. Hopefully really good third date at the Art Gallery this Sunday. Lots of emails, texts and online chat in between 😀

Expect more details on some or all of these points over the weekend.

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