No Gold for You!

The mystery of Saint Germain revealed. And Tuburcolosis.

Helen has written to inform me that Saint Germain (without an ‘e’) is in fact an artist – specifically a jazz artist. Damn, I was hoping for the alchemist. I’m also slightly miffed that Dale knows more about music than I do 😉

I have about a dozen emails to answer from various people (including the aforementioned Helen). I meant to get to grips with some of them last night but my brain refused to co-operate. Hopefully I’ll get them sorted tonight.

PS: Tuburculosis (or consumption) is spread by infected droplets produced while coughing. Blue eyes are in fact a recessive trait. Was there anything I’ve forgottten? 😉

PPS: Apart from how to spell ‘forgotten’ obviously? 🙂

PPPS: Rebecca has also emailed me to point out that Saint Germain is a jazz artist. Am I the only person in the entire WORLD not to have heard of this person?!

PPPPS: Apparently.

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