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Global Warming and Alchemy

From Zeldman

If global warming worked the other way — if the winters were getting colder each year — the world’s governments would have already worked together to reverse global warming. But when winter grows milder and spring arrives sooner, it feels so good it’s hard to realize how bad it is.

Ain’t that the truth? 🙁

PS: Dale is talking to a potential wedding DJ client on the phone, telling them that he could play some ‘Saint Germaine’ during dinner. I don’t know if…

  1. There’s an artist named St Germaine, which there well may be.
  2. He means Saint Etienne, who could actually be quite good dinner music.
  3. He has recordings by the semi-mythical, immortal alchemist of that name, possibly explaining how to turn base metals into gold 🙂

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