Onwards and Upwards! (if I don’t die first :)

It’s a brave new world. With such cute people in it.

OK, a while back I said I was doing crazy and wild things, and would blog about them at some point. As the craziness and wildness have stepped up a notch (comparatively speaking) I figured the time had come. So, last night, I went on a date (amazing! 😉

So how did this thaumaturgical prodigy*Always wanted to use that phrase 🙂 come about? Glad you asked.

A few months ago Rebecca (as part of her long term plan to completely restructure my life 🙂 went behind my back and signed me up on RSVP – allegedly Australia’s largest singles and dating site. She then badgered me for weeks on end until I logged in and filled out my profile. I finally got this done to my satisfaction about three weeks ago and was shortly afterwards contacted by a really nice girl (whose name I will withold for now because, well, I suppose I don’t know if she wants to be mentioned by name in such a geeky medium :). One thing led to another and we ended up going out for dinner and a movie last night.

Despite my general social awkwardness this seemed to go quite well. Very well actually :). I know I had a good time, and considering that she didn’t flee off into the night and was very polite about my insanely nerdy apartment I think she had a good time too. And on top of that there was kissing involved, which I guess means we were both having a very good time 🙂

So yeah, hopefully we’ll be seeing each other again soon.

The one downside to this is that my sleeping patterns have got even worse. Nervous anticipation kept me awake most of Wednesday night, and I didn’t sleep very well last night either meaning that I’m only staying awake right now through sheer willpower. My stomach is also churning rather nastily, which at least means I’m not hungry and might lose some weight. I think it’s all down to severe existential/ontological shock. A week ago I was a pathetically single geek, scorned by the women of the world (let’s get overly dramatic now shall we? :). Last night I find myself kissing with a cute/hot/cool/really nice girl who seems to think I have some of those qualities too. It’s a paradigm shift of epic proportions and I think my worldview (not to mention self image) needs some time to adjust.

Not too much time I hope though. Sleep deprivation psychosis isn’t exactly the most attractive quality to take on a second date. 😀

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