The Third Date

What I did this Sunday. And who with.

OK, I’m really tired out so this may not be a particularly long entry, but at least I’m trying. I just spent a really enjoyable day wandering around the Art Gallery with Purdey (that’s her name, I’ve decided I might as well write it since she still inexplicably seems to like me 😉 which has left me both physically and emotionaly exhausted. But in a good way. And I’m less exhausted than I would have been last week. So I guess this dating thing is growing on me.

She came over about twelve and promptly got lost looking for my apartment. After we straightened that out (via mobiles) we hung around here for a bit, then headed down to That Food Company (where the garlic bread is excellent and the servings immense) for lunch. Then we walked over to the station and got the train into town. We spent about three hours wandering around the Gallery – particularly the Centenary Gallery where I had art classes years and years back and they have some amazing paintings – before getting all galleried out and heading back to the station.

Here – thanks to my ineptness operating an intransigent ticket machine – we completely managed to miss the train. However this wasn’t a huge disaster because there was another one along in fifteen minutes and it gave us some time to sit on the lawn and do dating type stuff *grin*. Once the second train arrived we got it back to my place and hung around for another hour or so talking and doing more dating type stuff *grin again*. Then we said our goodbyes and she left.

This was of course our third date. The second was last Sunday when I went around to her place and we watched movies together, specifically The Princess Bride and Moulin Rouge. I hadn’t actually seen The Pricess Bride in years, I’d forgotten just how good it is. Like the marriage scene! The priest! 🙂

Mawaazh! Mawaazh izh zha reezha wee-er gawaad heer hooway!

I’d never actually seen Moulin Rouge before but quite enjoyed it. You’ve got to like any film that starts with a narcoleptic Argentinian falling through the ceiling. And the “Like a Virgin” sequence is one of the most wonderfully silly things I’ve ever seen on film.

So that was a great day too 🙂

And of course on our first date we saw V for Vendetta, which I’ve been meaning to write about but really am not up to tonight. Expect a sort of review (or at least some comments) shortly though.

So, I had a great day, and things are going really well, and we’re probably going to hook up to see a movie on Wednesday or Thursday. This dating/relationship thing is extremely taxing on a poor introvert such as myself, but genuinely seems to be worth it 😀

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