St Eddie’s McGuire

Boy did they screw up on Who Wants to be a Millionaire the other week.

The question – Which English county used to have a unique Celtic language?

The answers….

  1. Cheshire
  2. Cornwall
  3. Cumbria
  4. Kent

Now, the answer they wanted was of course B: Cornwall, but the point is that Cumbria used to have a unique Celtic language too!! There’s a famous (and almost certainly spurious) linguistic anecdote about it being used for counting sheep for crying out loud! Hrumph!

Happily the guy answering it got it “right”. Otherwise I would have been on the phone to Channel 9 so fast! I don’t know who they’ve got doing their research, but they should be shot (then they can hire me instead 🙂

Continuing with inane commentary on TV, is Monk awesome or what? Sort of like what an American Jonathan Creek would be like if they got that guy from Ghostbusters II and Ally McBeal to play the lead. Ummmm, Peter McNicoll? Something like that. They’ve moved it to Thursday nights too, so it’s on tonight. Yey!

Going to work now. Got more properties to add to Seasideholidays. Arrrgh! It never ends! 🙂

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