Official pace car for the Apocalypse

Had a very busy week and weekend and I should therefore have tonnes to write about, but I’m just not in the mood. How about that then?

As a stopgap measure though I thought I’d post this, which I stumbled over a few days ago and found rather amusing. I should add by the way that I was not actually searching for that (even if delightful Ms Lawson does have eyes that I could happily drown in). No one will believe me of course, but I think the point should be made just the same :).

You know the ironic thing is I am actually watching Jamie Oliver? Not nude thankfully, he’s cooking Japanese food and all that hot oil could be quite dangerous I expect. Hmmm.

On a completely different subject CSR’s website and email system seem to have totally collapsed over the last 24 hours. This means that Rebecca has presumably not got my email identifying a song she asked about. I would post the name and artist here, except that there’s every posibility it’s one of those that she downloads from Kazaa because she’s too embarassed to go into a music store and buy it *g*. So I won’t publically humiliate her – not after having a great lunch over at her and Dom’s new place yesterday anyway. Roast beef with salad and roast vegetables. No milkshakes though ;P

OK, I ran out of antihistamines on Monday night and haven’t been able to source any more, so I’m suffering from severe pseudoephindrine withdrawal and better go before I write anything really stupid. It can only get worse from here! 🙂

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