I was planning to write about cutting my hand on a packet of ham today, but then I checked my email and it turns out I have something else to write about. So, without further ado…


Big congratulations to Helen and Rob 😀

Of course on a more personal note I suppose this means Helen and I won’t be going out on that date. Hmmmm, drat *g*. Ali, you interested in stepping in? 🙂

I probably had more stuff to write about, but this way takes precedence. Ummm, let’s see – missed this morning’s partial solar eclipse, saw Andrew’s Las Vegas pics last night, actually managed to get a GURPS game in Saturday before last – although Jean is being deported back to Canada by the evil government so Natalie played his character instead and didn’t seem too freaked out by what Michael gets up to with his geekish friends, bought the special collector’s edition of The Two Towers complete with Gollum statue and watched it (the movie not the statue), spent some time messing around in photoshop combining the most attractive facial features of various highly attractive celebrities because I was bored and I could *g* (the resulting photo-fit was dissapointingly nowhere near as freakish as I expected), and it was the 40th Anniversery of both Kennedy Assasination number one and Doctor Who over the weekend, hooray hooray. I think that covers it.

(I may or may not blog about any or all of these things in greater detail later in the week 🙂

Intransigent DNA Influenced Cute Woman of the Week: Oh who cares! 🙂

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