Damn Trains!

Ya gotta love episodes of CSI where Sarah makes a pass at Grissom, and he either doesn’t notice or stands there with a look of consternated annoyance because he can’t think what he should do next 🙂

Hmmmm, reminds me of me *g*

Greg also got blown up in last night’s episode, although not seriously blown up, just lie-around-in-a-hospital-bed-for-a-while-making-faces blown up. Sarah also got a little bit blown up, but only needed a few stiches. Then she kicked open a door and pointed a gun at a dangerous suspect and followed up by asking Grissom out to dinner, which is a bit of an odd reaction I would have thought. Oh well, what do I know about the way they do things in Vegas? 🙂

Anyway what you don’t gotta love are sudden train strikes, like the one that caught me (and thousands of other commuters) out yesterday night. I was annoyed at first, although not overly so as the number 28 bus runs from Subiaco railway station almost to my front door. So I lined up and caught it, expecting to get home just before six.

Unfortunately I’d figured without the massive road congestion caused by 15,000 or so stranded train users calling up their friends and family for lifts, and the complete breakdown of the bus service under the load of the other 15,000 commuters that suddenly jumped onto it. So it was 6:00 before the bus even made it into the city. Happily though most of the lemming-like hordes alighted here, leaving just a handful of us to enjoy the trip out to Mount Lawley.

Unfortunately it turned out that (no doubt planning ahead to make my life hell) Transperth decided to change the route of the 28 bus about three weeks ago, “deleting” the part of the route that goes anywhere near Mount Lawley, or indeed out of the city at all (and naturally they hadn’t quite got around to updating the maps at the bus-stops yet). I learnt all this courtesy of the bus driver, who no doubt noticed my “Grissom-hit-on-by-Sarah” look in his surveillance mirror when the bus totally failed to turn north.

He was quite nice about it really, he even let me off between stops.

Anyway, so there I was stranded in the barren wilds of East Perth (just outside the old Mint) at 6:15 in the evening. I had two options. Number one – walk back to the bus station and fight the thousands of other commuters for a place on a bus that may or may not have been going where I wanted it to. Number two – walk home.

I walked home. It took me 45 minutes.

The greatest indignity of it all was just as I got to Mount Lawley railway station a train full of happy commuters rumbled past, the drivers having decided to go back to work just too late to assist me in any way.

You know, there are days it’s difficult to believe that the universe isn’t out to get me.

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