New Year Phone Miracle

Well, it seems that my answering machine wasn’t killed by my short circuiting scanner the other day, it was merely stunned. I decided to give it one more chance today and plugged it in, only to find that it worked perfectly. Which given the fact that nothing I could do would get it to function yesterday or the day before is pretty damn odd. Obviously some kind of new year miracle (either that or a Telstra engineer broke in here overnight and fixed it).

In other news I’d like to make some apendments to the lists of the most beautiful and cutest women in the world published on this weblog on December 12 (yes, I’m very bored again :). Recording Artist Sophie Ellis Bextor is added to the Most Beautiful list, taking position four. Actress and former fiance of Marilyn Manson (damn that must be annoying, I am yet to see any kind of media reference to her that doesn’t slip in her engagement to the freakish Mr Manson – what was she thinking? 🙂 Rose McGowan is provisionally awarded position number five, on condition that she eat something and cease her continued and quite remarkable impersonation of a stick. Finally everyone’s favourite Elf princess Liv Tyler is awarded position four on the Cutest list.

There, that’s more than enough Geekery for today I think 🙂

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