Dawn of a New Wyrmlog!

Well, as I’m sure some people will have noticed, I’ve done a redesign. Woo-hoo! Not only does the Wyrmlog now look ultra-cool (ha!) but it’s been streamlined. Yes! The new Wyrmlog with 35% less graphics to download! That’s over a third people!

Of course (being a real programmer who codes on the fly as opposed to sitting down and planning stuff out on paper) I will have inevitably screwed up somewhere. So, if you encounter any weird errors please email me and let me know so I can get on and fix them (eventually).

But anyway that’s not what I came to talk about. Came to talk about stir-fries.

Ever since Rebecca bought me a wok last year (awesome gift or what? 🙂 I’ve been trying my hand at stir fries. With a few exceptions they were all… edible. That’s about the best you could say about them. Until last night that is…

Somehow last night I managed to make a totally kick-ass fish stir fry. It tasted good, it smelled good and it even looked good, an aspect of the culinary arts I’ve never been particularly talented at. I mean, if someone served this stir fry up to you at a restaurant, you wouldn’t send it back! So, I’m pretty chuffed with myself, even though I have no doubt that I’ll never be able to repeat the process again in my entire life 🙂

But stir-fries aside, I’ve finally decided to jump on the bandwagon that every blogger seems to be jumping on these days. Yes! It’s time for some self-indulgent navel gazing as we take a look at my search engine referer logs!

The reason I’m doing this is I had a glance at them yesterday, and found them quite amusing. For instance someone out there seems to be very concerned about the relationship between Marion and Carl in that execrable TV production Dinotopia. My logs indicate searches for in dinotopia do marion and carl fall in love, in dinotopia do carl and marion fall in love (because reversing the names will turn up so many more results of course!) in dinotopia do marion and carl get together, and Who does Marion love in dinotopia.

I find it highly gratifying that my vitriolic diatribe against the Dinotopia mini-series comes up in the first few links on Google for all of these searches. I find it even more gratifying that anyone searching on this subject from now on will end up at this entry, since it mentions so many Marion, Carl and Dinotopia keywords (he-he!). Self-reference can be a wonderful thing 🙂

However, ironically, the query at the heart of all these searches is one that I am actually able to respond to. The correct answer to the question “In Dinotopia do Marion and Carl fall in love?” is… (highlight to read – standard anti-spoil technique)


I hope that clears that up 😉

There were a number of other Dinotopia related queries such as dinotopia albino, dinotopia AND romana dennison and why did the sunstones fail. I don’t know much about Romana Dennison, but I can say with a fair amount of confidence why the sunstones failed. It’s fairly simple. If the sunstones didn’t fail, then the writers would have had to come up with some kind of original (or at least coherant) plot for the mini-series and that was way too much work for 4:30 on a Friday afternoon. Case closed.

Moving down the list we come to an entry for actress “Stacy Haiduk”. Apparently someone out there is so into the lovely Ms Haiduk that they were prepared to wade through 21 pages of Google search results to get to my one mention of her in relation to “Kindred: The Embraced”. Now that’s either true devotion or pathological obsession – I’m not sure which (the fact that I was prepared to wade through 21 pages of Google search results to secure this information is neither here nor there 🙂

Some of the rest are just plain weird. Like “William Shatner’s New Year Party”. I’m sorry, was someone actually searching for this? Did they want to attend?! I tell ya there are some real sickos out there.

And “psychic morlocks”. What the…? I know I carried on a bit about Morlocks a while back, but psychic ones? Someone has way too much time on their hands.

Hmmm, someone like me obviously. OK, I’m going to shut up now 😉

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