New Scanner = No Answer

Well it’s a new year. Hooray. *sigh*

You’ll have to excuse me for not being terribly enthused. No big reason for it, I’m just tired. I stayed up last night to see in 2003, and haven’t caught up on my recomended daily sleep intake yet. Once I get a decent night of rest I’ll probably be more excited.

So, did I spend the night partying away then make out with some gorgeous brunette on the stroke of midnight? No. I spent it scanning in and piecing together road maps in Adobe Photoshop while watching some weird French movie about philandering 18th century philosophers (and pigs, although they didn’t do much philandering) on SBS. Compared to some new years eves in my experience, not bad actually 🙂

Now of course in order to scan, I would require a scanner, and since my old one won’t work in Windows XP (grrrr, grumble, moan, growl) this means I must have purchased a new one. Which I have done. Yesterday I walked into town (I just missed my train, so decided to check out the new cycle path on foot) and bought a Hewlett Packard Scanjet 3500c, which I’m very very happy with.

What I’m not happy about on the other hand though is what happened when I plugged it in. The power cord is one of those freaking stupid ones where the pins stick right out of the transformer, making it virtually impossible to plug it in to either a power board, or any socket less than a foot above floor level. So, I was trying to fit it into the one spare socket on the power board I use for my computer equipment when ZZZAAAPPP!!!! I was hurled across the room by a massive electric shock… OK, no I wasn’t, that’s a lie, but there was a loud zap and bright flash as a short circuit arced across the pins.

Naturally I was highly concerned for my computer, it’s peripherals, my stereo and my answering machine (all of which are plugged into the board). Happily on testing, the computer and stereo were fine (I dread to think what would have happened if I followed the instructions in the installation section which tell you to install the software then plug in the hardware while the computer is turned on – who writes these things?) but my answering machine is dead. Well and truly dead. Which is a pain because I’d just thought up an amusing new message. Grrrrr >:(

I’m not pleased. Hewlett Packard owe me a new answering machine damnit!!

But that aside, happy new year everyone! 🙂

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