New Year, New Fear!

Looking back I’m not sure if 2022 was better than 2021 or I’ve just become numb to the horror. In any case, welcome to 2023!

I celebrated the new year by ripping off a toenail. This was an accident, not some strange type of ritual, although it was entirely my own fault for letting said nail grow too long. My little toe nails are strange, gnarled lumps of keratin that slowly grow upwards in a bulge – I only need to cut them a few times a year but I need to use model clippers with a lot of force behind them to actually do it. I left them a bit too long this time round and my left one caught on something and ripped straight out, leaving a deep, bloody hole… how’s your year going?

By way of an oracle for the new year I’m going to load up iTunes and get it to randomly play something to see what it tells us about what’s to come. Let’s see…

Lipstick on Your Collar by Connie Francis – what the hell is that even doing in my music collection!? So I guess… I’m going to get a girlfriend… and then cheat on her? Neither of those sound much like me…

Anyway, as is my custom here are some pictures of baby (or at least cute) animals to welcome in the new rotational cycle.

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