The Firelight Isle

A graphic novel without compromises

Paul Duffield's Firelight IsleI’m about to head off on my mystical* journey to the East, but thought I’d drop in a quick plug for Paul Duffield’s Firelight Isle.

(No, not that one, that one!)

Paul, late of FreakAngels, has taken the really bold step of starting work on an entirely creator-owned graphic novel. Because he unfortunately has to eat and such, he can only afford to spend one day a week on it, but the work he’s done so far looks fascinating.

If you’re of a mind to help a talented artist – and get a few goodies along the way – please consider dropping a few bucks into the IndieGoGo campaign. If that’s not your kind of thing, there are also a number of other ways you can contribute.

OK, I’m off to pack my bags. Sydney, Sydney here I come!

(Sydney, Sydney, yum yum yum…)

* Not at all mystical, in any definition of the word

2 thoughts on “The Firelight Isle”

  1. Awe, you really are a cutie 🙂

    I shall see you on Sunday afternoon, Circular Quay, just got to figure out where in Circular Quay! Can’t wait! See you very soon.

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