Good News in the Trouser Department

Testicular microlithiasis for the win!

Well, I am pleased to report that – after numerous medical tests – it turns out that I don’t have testicular cancer.

Not only would it have put a serious cramp in my style (and, you know, possibly killed me) but it would have completely ruined my upcoming holiday.

On the downside I now have no excuse to join a Fight Club 😉

2 thoughts on “Good News in the Trouser Department”

  1. Very glad that all is well in the happy sack section of the trouser department, sir. Must have been rather a scare. Very glad to hear the all clear. I’m not getting the Fight Club reference, though.

  2. Thanks man. I wasn’t seriously worried as I’ve had this kind of thing before, but it’s still a weight off my mind.

    You obviously need to read/view Fight Club again 🙂

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