Well obviously we have a rapist (sympathiser) at Notre Dame (maybe)

Religious University. Yeah, that’s a great idea…

OK, first up this is hearsay and should be taken as such. It’s something I heard and should be regarded as such, not as a proven fact. Exact wording, meaning and context are vital in these kind of situations, so take this with a grain of salt, and several grains of common sense and restraint.

Disclaimer over.

The brother of someone I know attends Notre Dame university down in Fremantle. He claims that earlier this week one of his lecturers said that “the pain of rape brings people closer to god, and that’s a good thing”.

As stated above I don’t know the context of this comment, or even if it’s accurate. But if it is accurate then this guy needs a good swift kick up the arse, and should not be instructing students in anything other than basket weaving.

Let the investigations begin.

3 thoughts on “Well obviously we have a rapist (sympathiser) at Notre Dame (maybe)”

  1. I would like to kick this guy up the ass also. I wonder if he would change his tune if it was him who had to suffer the pain, shame and humiliation that seems to follow that terrible crime around. Someone on Facebook posted a link to an artical about persons in a European country (name withheld) about using rape to “Fix” lesbians. They call it Corrective Rape. I wonder what the gentlemen onions on THAT would be seeing he seems to think he’s so close to god.

  2. Well, as I said we don’t have all the facts yet. It’s very possible that he meant “rape is bad, but sometimes some good can come out of the recovery” as opposed to “rape is teh awsum!” – which is a fairly stupid thing to say, but not downright evil.

    And we don’t actually know that he (whoever he is) said anything at all – it’s just a secondhand report. So let’s not head down to Freo with the pitchforks and burning torches just yet.

    On another matter I’d like to know what his onions are about too ;D

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