9 thoughts on “Nurse I Spy Gypsies Run!”

  1. I also saw this and filled in a feedback form about the lack of journalistic integrity regarding the stereotype of the evil ‘gypsies’. The Roma people have been persecuted for centuries and while Australia doesn’t have a huge population of them so I don’t expect everyone to be aware of the issues around it, racial prejudice deserves to be fought wherever it’s found.

    Then again, it is Today Tonight and I guess hating on Muslims gets old after a while…

  2. If they want to bitch about something, how about the latest national budget? It’s a waste of paper.

    1. An opinion gained through examining the document in question or simply by listening to random people who love their talkback radio?

      1. Watching the TV coverage on the discussions in parliament on ABC and other news related avenues. Do pensioners really need a set top box? You can buy TV’s with the same properties second hand in Cash Converters for cheap . You can’t tell me that you actually agree with that absurdity? Personally I think the cash they are outlaying for that should of been put into healthcare benefits for the elderly instead. Also, I didn’t see anything that is going to help relieve the housing situation. Rent prices are going up and up and wages are not increasing to compensate for it and unlike you and Fabes not everyone can afford or qualify for a mortgage. The wait list for emergency housing is currently 10 years. What are people to do in the mean time? Pitch tents in a friends backyard like some are currently doing? That’s fine for the short term but no way to live long term and some will have to and don’t even get me started on the refugee situation. This budget is not popular with the Australian public for a lot of reasons. After all, we are the ones who PAY for the paper this absurdity is written on.
        I eagerly await your reply my learned friend.

        1. Ah, good to see that you’re across the issues. I did wonder, as a comment about the budget in response to a post on the ongoing and sordid racism on display at Today Tonight seems rather strange.

          Regarding the budget I don’t think the set top box fund is such a bad thing, although it does seem a bit overfunded. Remember that healthcare is bloody expensive – 300 million isn’t going to make a huge difference one way or the other.

          But let’s not debate it in this post which, again, is about racism, not economics.

          1. Sorry my friend. My disgust over the budget temporarily took over my brain. Hate when that happens don’t you? As for he Gypsies, what’s wrong with having an alternate lifestyle? they are just free fun lovin’ folk and according the them, they don’t steal, they “borrow” instead. People are to quick to throw around the word racism to justify other cultures they can’t, won’t or refuse to understand. Narrow minded people.

  3. Would it be untoward to send some suggestions of Perth suburbs that the gypsies could steal? I could start a list.

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