Foolish Story Ideas No. 1


Anthropologist records complex, ancient, multi-instrumental and multi-vocal religious chants from obscure South East Asian tribe. Accidentally messes up playback, speeding chants up by factor of eight. Chants are transformed into insipid modern pop song, complete with good approximation of modern instrumentation and English lyrics.

How did insipid modern pop song end up thousands of years in the past?
How did insipid modern pop song thousands of years in the past end up slowed down by eight?
How did insipid modern pop song thousands of years in the past and slowed down by eight become religiously significant enough to be repeated and preserved for thousands of years?
What is effect of this revelation on culture and religion of tribe?


2 thoughts on “Foolish Story Ideas No. 1”

  1. Change obscure SE Asian tribe to South American Aztecs during the time of their practice of human sacrifice and:

    “Oops I did it again
    you played with my heart
    got lost in the game”

    could be the insipid pop song of choice.

  2. Well, actually I was inspired by this which makes one of the worst pop songs ever written sound like a cross between epic U2, the KLFs’ Chill Out and the version of the Gayatri Mantra used as the reimaged Battlestar Galactica theme.

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