Calling all Creeps

Convention Craziness

This NeoGaf thread pretty much sums up the reason I don’t get photos with celebrities at conventions.

They have enough freaks to put up with without me joining in.

3 thoughts on “Calling all Creeps”

  1. Oh yes, I’m a geek, but I still think it’s pretty demeaning to make celebrities pose with their arms around you as if they’re your best friend. I mean, look at Summer Glau in those pictures – same fixed grin over and over again. There’s no way she’s enjoying that experience.

    Sitting at a table signing autographs, I’m down with that. The photo thing just seems cruel and unusual punishment.

  2. I do agree with you on the celebrities front. I just thought that you were being unnecessary harsh on yourself by calling yourself a freak. Cause I know some freaks and you, SO not a freak.

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