Clarification of Policy

To clarify what I said about celebrity photographs yesterday – I wasn’t suggesting that I’m more particularly freakish that the typical convention attendee (although I may well be 😉 ), I was rather commenting on how I view the entire concept of said photos – which is with a particular level of distaste.

A photo of you meeting a celebrity – fine. A photo of you standing next to a celebrity – fine. A photo of you (“you” perhaps being a big, sweaty, geek with greasy skin and a worrying leer) with your arm around a celebrity, who’s staring into the camera with a fixed grin and cold, dead eyes – seriously not cool man.

I guess what I’m saying is that I think these celebs do enough for their fans already by flying halfway around the world, answering inane questions on panels and signing autographs for hours. Expecting them to pose – often with actual bodily contact – with dozens of complete strangers as if they’re their best friends is just demeaning.

Look at those pictures – does Summer Glau look like she’s having fun? Does she like hell.

Maybe I’m taking a particularly autistic (ie: really intense sense of personal space) view on this, but to me the whole celebrity photograph thing seems like the kind of cruel and unusual punishment I don’t want to put the objects of my fannish attention through. These are people we’re talking about, not monkeys at the zoo, and making them dance for your photographic amusement is nothing more than a selfish imposition.

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