Finally Some Good News


Good News Item 1: Gangster (or should that be ‘Gangsta’? I’m not really ‘down’ with the way the ‘hip’ young people talk nowdays) Rapper 50 Cent has stated that he’ll quit music if Kanye West’s new album outsells his. After only two days Kanye West’s Graduation is 200,000 units ahead. He’ll probably weasel out of it, but still – Huzzah!

Good News Item 2: Channel 10 has admitted that after several years of plumeting ratings and sordidly dull scandals it’s considering axing Big Brother. Of course it’ll probably be replaced by something just as vacuous, but nonetheless – Huzzah!

Good News Item 3: Channel 9’s attempt to hook in the hip, young, internet savy generation with their new “lets rip footage off YouTube and put it on TV to save money on real content” show iCaught was a miserable failure, with ratings worse that Yasmin’s Getting Married. It probably won’t even make it to a second episode. Huzzah!

There’s nothing more exhilarating than pointing out the shortcomings of others! 😀

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