Foolish Ideas

A compendium of foolish concepts

Some foolish ideas that occured to me this week…

1) A five minute, weekly summary of Neighbours animated in the style (and tone) of South Park

Goin’ down to Ramsey Street, gonna have myself a time!
Friendly faces everywhere, Doctor Karl and Harold Bishop…

2) A production of Shakespeare’s Tempest, with Caliban costumed as Spongebob Squarepants.

3) Rewriting The Battle Hymn ofthe Republic to fit the tune of I am Australian. All you only needis an extra line on the end of each verse and a few extra “glories” inthe chorus…

4) A set of small flags (based on the International Marine Signal Code) to be placed on one’s workplace computer monitor to inform colleagues of one’s activities and intentions. The blue peter for “I’m about to go home” for instance or the yellow ensign for “I have a cold – keep clear”.

These ideas may be foolish, but they’re mine. Hands off! 😀

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