Let’s Go Post Apocalyptic New York

We’ll need a boat, camping supplies, guns, abseiling equipment…

Just another quick note, pointing out that Mondolithic Studios have done some totally (if you’ll pardon my French) kick-arse illustrations for Scientific American depicting what would happen to New York City if humanity suddenly vanished. Pure nectar for apocalypse junkies like myself, and great desktop image material (the ruins of the Brooklyn Bridge are on my work computer right now).

Check out some of their other graphical work while you’re there too. It’s great stuff.

In other tidings of comfort and joy one of my favourite podcasts is back online after a two month or so hiatus – Dragon’s Landing (yey!). They quite messed me (and a lot of other people) around on Sunday by linking to episode 82 rather than the new epsiode 83, but they’ve got themselves together now and I’m looking forwards to an enjoyable evening of gaming goodness once I get home.

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