Not Dead, Resting

One step beyond!!

OK, this is just a quick note to say that I’m not actually dead.

I had two weeks off work which I spent relaxing, overdosing on Gilmore Girls DVDs and not worrying about blogging, and then came back to work and spent two weeks of madness catching up after my two weeks off work, and then another week of madness because my colleague Bevan was getting married last Saturday, and is taking five weeks off for his honeymoon. So the madness and only sporadic blogging will probably continue for quite a while yet.

On the upside though I basically have ABSOLUTE POWER in the office whenever Dale isn’t here – which is most of the time nowdays because he’s doing a lot of work from home – and am looking forwards to enjoying that absolute corruption everyone is always talking about 😀

But before I fall subject to megalomania and attempt to take over the world I thought I’d post a link to The Chemical Brother’s new video clip – well I say new because I only saw it on the weekend, the song and presumably the clip have been around for quite some time. Anyway it’s called The Salmon Dance and is pretty damn cool, both the song and the clip. So, get out there and shake your body like a salmon floating upstream!

PS: Helen, expect a reply – and ideas about Richard III – soon 🙂

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