Hatak! Hatak! D

Frozen chocolate and Doctor Who are a dangerous mix!

So, there I was settling down to watch Doctor Who last night. The lights were down, the phone was off the hook (look, I really enjoy the show and on more occasions than I care to remember people have called me right in the middle of it, so these days I don’t take chances OK?) and I had a nice big chunk of chocolate to nibble on. This chocolate had (of course) spent the previous few days in the freezer – since the only really civilised way to enjoy chocolate is frozen solid.

So, there I was happily crunching away on a piece of chocolate – one with malt chips to be precise since the supermarket was out of cashew nut – when I suddenly hit a really crunchy bit. Really crunchy. “That’s odd” I thought, and continued chewing. Then I hit another bit. “Right” I thought “I’d better check this out”, thoughts of food contamination and the possibility of monetary or chocoloform compensation floating through my head. I continued to chew very carefully, and when I shortly his another cruchy bit I isolated it and spat it out. To my suprise it didn’t look like glass or grit, it actually resembled a small shard of white china…

“Oh no..” I though and started poking around with my tongue – sure enough it wasn’t china. It was tooth!! One of my teeth!! My first molar, lower jaw, right hand side had spontaneously shed about a quarter of it’s mass, leaving a big, gaping, sharp edged cavity! And since there was no sign of the missing piece (short of the tiny shard in my hand) I’d apparently managed to chew it up and swallow it!! A sonde ka!

Needless to say I didn’t enjoy Doctor Who as much as I’d anticipated.

So that’s the bad news. The good news I suppose is that it could have been worse. Most of the tooth is still intact and it doesn’t hurt – apart from when exposed to particularly hot or cold foods. This is a good thing because the earliest I’ll even be able to make a dentist’s appointment is Monday morning. Hopefully they’ll be able to fit me in and get something done about it ASAP. In the meantime it’s all I can do to keep myself from continually poking at it with my tongue, which can’t be good for it 🙁

I was going to write a bit about the revised Planet definition (“cleared its local area”? what the heck does that mean?) but the hole is in such a position that my tongue continually presses against it. As its edge is rather sharp this is very uncomfortable – so I’m not in the mood for writing or even being civil to other human beings at the moment >:|

I’ll go now and wallow in self-pity.

PS: What does Hatak! Hatak! D

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